Bude Angling Association
Fly fishing for wild brown trout on the upper reaches of the river Tamar
Est 1933


The rivers are unstocked so any fish caught are native fish.(Except for the occasional escaped Rainbow trout)
A Trout of 10 inches is a good fish and if you catch one over 12 inches you should consider it a very good day

In early season a weighted nymph will work best, as a general rule once the Hawthorns have started to flower the fish will start to come up in the water.
From June onwards dry flies will work well an Adams or Iron Blue Dun is a reasonable starting point.

In recent years, as a result of much improvement in the general water quality May flies have started to appear from early June
onwards, encouragingly the trout have taken to this new found food source and good sport can be had.
However it must be said that the is no supplementary stocking and wild fish are still not abundant so please do practice restraint if taking fish.